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Language, Culture and Identity: An Ethnolinguistic Perspective
Series Title: Advances in Sociolinguistics
2007 Continuum International Publishing Group Ltd

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Author: Philip Riley


How language shapes and is shaped by identity is a key topic within
sociolinguistics. An individual's identity is constituted through a variety
of different factors, including the social, linguistic, cultural and ethnic
contexts. In this book, Philip Riley looks at these issues against the
theoretical background of the sociology of knowledge, and ethnolinguistics,
asking how we learn who we are and how social identities are negotiated. The
idea of 'the foreigner' is central to this account, yet traditional views of
the role of being socially 'other' largely neglect the role of
language. Riley bridges this gap by examining problematic aspects of
multilingual identities, with particular reference to the notions of 'ethos'
and the 'communicative virtues'.

This engaging analysis of language and social identity will be essential
reading for students of sociolinguistics at undergraduate and postgraduate

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