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Thanks for pointing this out; I have to admit that I am very dense when it
comes to this subject, and have had it pointed out to me several times; but
I still fail to keep straight what is an EU issue and what is a Council of
Europe issue!


On 3/21/07, Fernand De Varennes <F.deVarennes at> wrote:
> Members of the list should be aware that the Subject Heading for this
> posting ('Subject: EU: Recommendation of the Committee of Ministers') is
> incorrect, as the Charter treaty is a mechanism under the Council of
> Europe, not the European Union.
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> Subject: EU: Recommendation of the Committee of Ministers
> Recommendation RecChL(2007)2 of the Committee of Ministers on the
> application of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages
> by
> the United Kingdom
> (Adopted by the Committee of Ministers on 14 March 2007
> at the 989th meeting of the Ministers' Deputies)
> The Committee of Ministers,
> In accordance with Article 16 of the European Charter for Regional or
> Minority Languages;
> Having regard to the declarations submitted by the United Kingdom on 27
> March 2001, 11 March 2003 and 22 April 2003;
> Having taken note of the evaluation made by the Committee of Experts of
> the Charter with respect to the application of the Charter by the United
> Kingdom;
> Bearing in mind that this evaluation is based on information submitted
> by
> the United Kingdom in its second periodical report, supplementary
> information given by the United Kingdom authorities, information
> submitted
> by bodies and associations legally established in the United Kingdom and
> the information obtained by the Committee of Experts during its
> on-the-spot visit;
> Having taken note of the comments made by the United Kingdom authorities
> on the contents of the Committee of Experts' report;
> Recommends that the authorities of the United Kingdom take account of
> all
> the observations of the Committee of Experts and, as a matter of
> priority:
> 1. elaborate and implement a comprehensive Scottish Gaelic language
> education policy;
> 2. develop a comprehensive Irish language policy, including measures to
> meet the increasing demand for Irish-medium education;
> 3. develop further Welsh-medium education, in particular, take steps to
> improve linguistic continuity in the transition from primary to
> secondary
> level in Welsh-speaking areas, and establish a co-ordinated approach to
> monitoring progress achieved in developing Welsh-medium education;
> 4. increase support for the printed media in Scottish Gaelic and Irish;
> 5. take further measures to ensure that health and social care
> facilities
> offer services in Welsh;
> 6. strengthen the efforts to improve the position of Scots and Ulster
> Scots.
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