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We include a brief summary of the latest articles published on Eurolang.

Korrika15, a 2150 km race for the Basque language

 As snow still covers the roadsides, supporters of the Basque
language (Euskara) have been running through the cold night on the
mountain roads between Bizkaia and Araba provinces. The race will go
on, non-stop, night and day, for ten days. It will pass through all
provinces where Basque is spoken. In all runners will cover 2150 km.
EU support for cross border development of Irish medium education

With the official launch this week of Gaelscolaíocht Éireann, Irish
medium education is to be developed on a cross border basis for the
first time. The new project is funded by the European Union.

More than 20,000 march in Bèsiers for Occitan

Over 20,000 people went to Bèsiers on Saturday to support the Occitan
language under the slogan “Anèm ! òc ! per la lengua Occitana !”
(Let’s go ! Yes ! for the Occitan language !).

Council of Europe warns UK over ’half hearted’ implementation of the ECRML

The Council of Europe has warned the UK Government that it must do more to
meet its obligations to protect its regional and stateless languages.

Wales : a further 59 organisations to provide bilingual services

Monolingual Frisian names for all canals, lakes and rivers

First Finnish Sámi elected to Parliament


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