IT Hub Bangalore imposes fine on teaching English

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Sat Mar 31 14:06:47 UTC 2007

IT hub Bangalore imposes fine on English


BANGALORE: Teaching English in violation of the 1994 language policy? Be
prepared to pay a penalty of Rs 1 lakh! Acting tough on erring school
managements, the Karnataka government is planning to impose a penalty of
Rs 1 lakh on schools in Bangalore city, Rs 50,000 for schools in
semi-urban areas and Rs 25,000 for institutions in rural areas. Apart from
the penalty, the government is also contemplating legal action. Allowing a
four-year grace period, a cabinet subcommittee on Tuesday decided to allow
existing students in 2,215 schools which had violated the language policy
to continue English medium instruction. However , those who are getting
fresh admissions into these schools must study only in Kannada/mother
tongue medium.

Penalty will be imposed on schools, which continue to teach English for
students who seek fresh admissions also. It will be one-time penalty for
institutions. They are statutory bodies and cannot violate government
orders. We cannot let them go scotfree , official sources told TOI. The
decision will be ratified by the cabinet before the government issues an
official order on the decision to allow these schools to continue
functioning. The government had ordered closure of these schools, which
had obtained permission to impart education in Kannada or mother tongue
but are teaching in English.

To a query on these schools raised by K Jayaprakash Hegde (Ind) in the
legislative assembly on Wednesday, primary and secondary education
minister Basavaraj S Horatti said, I am not against English education ,
but these schools are keeping the children in front of them and
blackmailing us. What they have done is illegal , they should be punished.
I have done my duty as primary and secondary education minister, it is up
to the cabinet to formulate a policy on this issue.


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