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The National Academy for Language Policy is implementing 2 projects at the

1. Scientific Basis of the Language Policy of the Mongolian Government.

2. Mongolian and Russian joint project on "National Languages in the Era of
Globalization: Russian and Mongolian"
 The July 9th Conference is being organized within the second project.

  July 11the is the National Holiday "Naadam" , so some cultural tours will
be organized for the participants of the conference on 10the and 11the of
July.   Registration before the May 30th. Brief introduction about the
report is expected to be given before the conference.

You can contact Dr.Zegiimaa (President of the NALP) on the following address
e:  info at ; fax: 976-11-329289  or Altan-Od (Secretary, NALP) :
manager at ; tel: 976-99672531

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