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Spanish in Contact: Policy, Social and Linguistic Inquiries

Edited by Kim Potowski and Richard Cameron
University of Illinois at Chicago

IMPACT: Studies in Language and Society 22

2007. xx, 392 pp. + index
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Expected: July 2007

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This volume, covering a range of topics such as Spanish as a heritage
language in the United States, policy issues, pragmatics and language
contact, sociolinguistic variation and contact, and Bozal (Creole) Spanish,
will serve the interests of linguists, educators, and policy makers alike.
It provides cutting edge research on varieties of Spanish spoken by
children, teenagers, and adults in places as diverse as Chicago, New York,
New Mexico, and Houston; Valencia and Galicia; the Andean highlands; and the
border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The emphasis is on spoken
Spanish, although researchers also investigate code-switching in the lyrics
of bachata songs and the presence of creole in Cuban and Brazilian
literature. This collection will be of interest wherever Spanish is spoken.


Table of contents
This is a provisional table of contents, and subject to changes.

Part I. Heritage Spanish in the United States
1. Subjects in early dual language development: A case study of a
Spanish-English bilingual child
Carmen Silva-Corvalán and Noelia Sánchez-Walker
2. Interpreting mood distinctions in Spanish as a heritage language
Silvina A. Montrul
3. Anglicismos en el léxico disponible de los adolescentes hispanos de
Francisco Moreno Fernández
Part II. Education and policy issues
4. Spanish-language teaching in the U.S.
Maria M. Carreira
5. The politics of English and Spanish aquí y allá
Lourdes Torres
6. Language attitudes and the lexical de-Castilianization of Valencian:
Implications for language planning
Manuel Triano-López
7. Are Galicians bound to diglossia? An analysis of the nature, uses and
values of standard Galician
Verónica Loureiro-Rodríguez
Part III. Pragmatics and contact
8. Addressing peers in a Spanish-English bilingual classroom
Janet M. Fuller, Minta Elsman and Kevan Self
9. Style variation in Spanish as a heritage language: A study of discourse
particles in academic and non-academic registers
Ana Sánchez-Muñoz
10. "Baby I'm Sorry, te juro, I'm Sorry": Subjetivización versus
objetivización mediante el cambio de códigos inglés/español en la letra de
una canción de bachata actual
Linda Signe-Britta Ohlson
11. Cross-linguistic influence of the Cuzco Quechua epistemic system on
Andean Spanish
Marilyn S. Manley
12. La negación en la frontera domínico-haitiana: Variantes y usos
Luis Ortiz López
Part IV. Variation and contact
13. On the development of contact varieties: The case of Andean Spanish
Anna Maria Escobar
14. Linguistic and social predictors of copula use in Galician Spanish
Kimberly L. Geeslin and Pedro Guijarro-Fuentes
15. Apuntes preliminares sobre el contacto lingüístico y dialectal en el uso
pronominal del español en Nueva York
Ricardo Otheguy and Ana Celia Zentella
16. Is the past really the past in narrative discourse?
Nydia Flores-Ferrán
17. The impact of linguistic constraints on the expression of futurity in
the Spanish of New York Colombians
Rafael Orozco
18. Quantitative evidence for contact-induced accommodation: Shifts in /s/
reduction patterns in Salvadoran Spanish in Houston
Jessi Elana Aaron and José Esteban Hernández
19. Está muy diferente a como era antes: Ser and Estar + Adjective in New
Mexico Spanish
Michelle L. Salazar
Part V. Bozal Spanish
20. Where and how does bozal Spanish survive?
John M. Lipski
21. The appearance and use of Bozal language in Cuban and Brazilian
neo-African literature
William W. Megenney

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