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 Google News Alert for: *language policy*

SMS lingo versus the Queen's
Merinews - India
From 1994 onwards, after the first ever National Telecom *Policy* (NTP94 in
SMS *language*!) was announced, India witnessed a series of explosions in
the *...*
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*Policy* changes
The Orion - Chico,CA,USA
Other changes include clarifying certain *policies*. The document's previous
*language* was vague, and alcohol and hazing *policies* were not clearly
defined, *...*
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*Policy* updates on tap for LISD trustees at upcoming
Lufkin Daily News - Lufkin,TX,USA
The courses eligible for exemption include "advanced placement, honors and
dual credit courses in the subject of English, *language* arts, mathematics,
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House has its ballot
Palm Beach Post - FL, United States
The new question, available here on page 105 of the 116-page meeting packet,
was approved moments ago by the House *Policy* and Budget Council. *...*
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[Column] Healthy investment in Korea's multi-ethnic
한겨레신문 - South Korea
Here I would like to introduce readers to the *language policy* for
foreigners in Sweden, a country known as a welfare society. To begin with,
once they are *...*
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DOD unveils new employee phone monitoring
FCW.com - Falls Church,VA,USA
The document replaces *language* dating back to 1981 that regulated the
circumstances under which DOD officials could listen in on employees'
telephone *...*
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New *Language Policy* encourages multilingualism and
Universitas Helsingiensis - Finland
The new University of Helsinki *Language Policy* defines the current status
of the national languages of Finland, as well as English and other foreign *
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Google Blogs Alert for: *language policy*

Hispanic University In SJ Aids English
By Patricia Lopez(Course taught by Angela Valenzuela)
(CBS 5) SAN JOSE High school students whose first *language* is Spanish
sometimes had problems continuing their education. But National Hispanic
University along with Latino College Prep are helping
English-*language*learners address those
Educational Equity, Politics... - http://texasedequity.blogspot.com/

*Language*, the Great
By Devin Stewart(Policy Innovations)
Finally, it is curious to note that two of the five hotspots for
*language*disappearance are in North America and four of the five
hotspots are in the
G8. Fairer Globalization's central address is *Policy* Innovations.
Fairer Globalization - http://fairerglobalization.blogspot.com/

St. Louis County Board likely to move slowly on harassment
3:17 pm: After some commissioners today asked that some *language* within a
draft *policy* be changed and that a separate code be developed for elected
officials, it became clear that it may be months before a the code is
Duluth News Tribune : Duluth - http://www.duluthnewstribune.com

Understanding And Selecting A DLP Solution: Part 6, Central
By rmogull
*Language* support, including double-byte character sets for Asia.
Anonymization of *policy* violations to support international workplace
privacy requirements. Full capture for recording all traffic, not just *
policy* violations. *...*
securosis.com - http://securosis.com <http://securosis.com/>

New *Language Policy* encourages multilingualism and
By Javier
The new University of Helsinki *Language Policy* defines the current status
of the national languages of Finland, as well as English and other foreign
languages at the University. International activities and multilingualism
are assets *...*
Learn a Foreign Language Online - http://www.phrasebase.com/blog

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