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 Google News Alert for: *language policy*

City adopts official
Arkcity.net <http://arkcity.net/> - USA
Having set *policies* would reduce confusion, commissioners said. A
comprehensive economic development *policy* will let potential businesses
know where they *...*
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VUSD explores best ways to teach
North County Times - Escondido,CA,USA
*...* change the board's *policy* on English Acquisition Education to
include a guarantee that students can speak whatever *language* they want
when not in class. *...*
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Free care in chaos as judge cancels
The Herald - Glasgow,Scotland,UK
*...* Lord Macphail's ruling yesterday used strong *language*, by legal
standards, to criticise the government for snubbing his request to explain
its *policy* in *...*
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Board hears report on non-recognition
SmallTownPapers News Service - Seattle,WA,USA
No additional benefits, and no major *language* changes. Industrial Arts
instructor Doug Lee showed the board some of the projects he had worked on
at his *...*
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Hoërskool Ermelo loses *language* fight<http://iafrica.com/news/sa/850828.htm>
iAfrica.com - Cape Town,South Africa
The Mpumalanga Education Department revoked the powers of the school's
governing body to determine *language policy* and appointed a committee in
its place *...*
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Google Blogs Alert for: *language policy*

By Mikhail Doroshevich
It is important that all stakeholders exercise great care in addressing
questions of governance, *policy* and regulation as the Internet evolves.
Common agreement on terminology and concepts is necessary and a sound
understanding of the *...*
Information Policy - http://i-policy.typepad.com/informationpolicy/

A Sound Privacy *Policy* <http://www.acxede.net/a_sound_privacy_policy>
By acxede
P3P documents are written in eXtensible Markup *Language* (XML). XML is even
more tedious to write by hand than legalese. Fortunately, there are many
editors which can generate P3P documents. Most of them require you to pay a
fee, *...*
Office Live @ Acxede.net - - http://www.acxede.net <http://www.acxede.net/>

Untenable Tenets <http://larison.org/2007/10/17/untenable-tenets/>
By Daniel Larison
One of the problems in ceding, or appearing to cede, the *language* of
morality in foreign *policy* to those who have weak moral imaginations (for
whom virtue entails willpower and violence combined with good intentions) is
that it has made *...*
Eunomia - http://larison.org <http://larison.org/>

Irish *Language* Scrapped and
By Colm(Colm)
Is your identity so shallow and bigoted that your only agenda is an
anti-SDLP/ Sinn Féin one and your only *policy* an anti-Irish one? *Language
* rights are human rights but sadly, in Northern Ireland neither are
Corcaighist - http://corcaighist.blogspot.com/

Morocco: First Arab university to offer Dutch
By Esther(Esther)
North Africa and the Arab world have been "blind spots" on the map till now,
according to Marc le Clercq, of the Dutch *Language* Union, an organization
in which the Netherlands, Flanders and Suriname work together on *language
policy*. *...*
Islam in Europe - http://islamineurope.blogspot.com/

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