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Dear Hal, 

I'm sorry to hear about the heart attack but am glad to see you got quick treatment and seem to be doing well now.  Thank you for continuing to forward the language policy articles, especially at a time like this when you have so much on your mind.  

The Celtic language situation certainly is "hotting up," as they say.  That "Brush Up Your Gaeilge" article from the EU has certainly attracted a lot of attention in the Irish-speaking community.  

Best wishes for a speedy recovery - Roslyn

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Dear All,

While in St. Louis for a relative's memorial I had a heart attack; a relative took me to the hospital and I had quintuple bypass surgery. I only got out of the hospital today and am staying at my cousin's  since I can't travel until next week. Because there's a huge back up of google alerts, I am going to just forward them to the list "raw'" instead of filtering the junk that isn't really language policy.  You can sift through them for any goodies. 



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