New Spanish Language ISO 22000 Food Safety Procedures Manual

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Tue Sep 18 13:55:43 UTC 2007

  New Spanish Language ISO 22000 Food Safety Procedures Manual
Addresses Growing Demand for a Safer Food Supply

Food Manufacturers, Suppliers, Producers, Handlers and Auditors in
Spanish speaking countries/environments can use prewritten food safety
policies and procedures to control and protect the food supply and
address the requirements of ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP.

St. Louis, MO (PRWEB) September 17, 2007 -- Bizmanualz, Inc.

(, a business publishing, education, and
consulting company located in Clayton, Missouri, today announced the
release of a Spanish language version of its ISO 22000:2005 Food
Safety Management Manual. The original English version was released in
January 2006. The Spanish version is titled Bizmanualz ISO 22000
Seguridad En Los Alimento Políticas, Procedimientos, and Formas.

The manual is designed to assist all participants along the food
chain--Food Safety/Quality Managers, Hazard Analysis and Critical
Control Point (HACCP) inspectors, Food Safety Enforcement Agency
Personnel, Auditors, and Procurement personnel, as well as owners and
managers of food production, supply, transportation, and import
companies. The manual includes easily editable procedures to meet food
safety, quality, and HACCP requirements.

International product safety, especially food safety, is an increasing
concern. The food industry worldwide is faced with a growing need to
demonstrate its ability to control food safety hazards and
contamination. While local, state, and national governments have
implemented various regulations and laws, the ISO 22000:2005 Food
Safety Management System (FSMS) is becoming the accepted compliance
standard for safe consumer food production worldwide.

Mr. Christopher Anderson, the Managing Director of Bizmanualz explains
that, "The Bizmanualz ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System Manual
provides a framework to demonstrate compliance with applicable
statutory and regulatory food safety requirements. By complying with
this standard, a company demonstrates that their system meets the
requirements established by suppliers, customers, and other parties in
the food chain, and it can assist in placing guards against
contamination that may enter the food chain from multiple points."

Mr. Anderson adds, "This manual allows any company to incorporate best
practices and optimal standards in establishing formal FSMS policies
and procedures, regardless of their size or location. This publication
is the only one of its kind in the way it provides the guidance and
the tools required to accurately and efficiently determine and meet
the food safety requirements of the organization."

"There are more than 20 specific policies addressed, including Food
Safety Records, Supplier Evaluation, Training, Hazard Analysis, HACCP
Plan Management, Internal Audit, and Prerequisite Programs," adds Mr.
Stephen Flick, Bizmanualz Product Manager and the editor of the
manual. "You get all this content in a published manual, and it
includes a CD containing all procedures and forms in an easily
editable MS-Word format, allowing any company to customize the manual
to create its own policies and corresponding procedures."

The Spanish versions of the ISO 22000 Food Safety Procedures Manual
comes with over 480 pages of practical documentation in proper ISO
format. It includes prewritten food safety policies, food safety
procedures, and accompanying forms. Plus, there is a detailed
explanation of ISO 22000 including helpful information and guidance
for producing your own Food Safety Management Manual.

Bizmanualz also offers policy and procedure manuals that cover many
key business segments such as Accounting, Computer & IT, Human
Resources, Sales and Marketing, ISO 9001 Quality Management System,
Disaster Recovery, and Security Planning. All Bizmanualz Policies and
Procedures manuals combine a printed manual with easily editable
MS-Word documents on CD-ROM.

ISO 22000 Seguridad en los Alimentos Políticas, Procedimientos y
Formas: Como crear rápidamente un sistema general de ISO 22000 para la
Seguridad en los Alimentos con una fácil y entendible traducción de
Políticas y Procedimientos en cuanto a la Seguridad en los Alimentos,
Calidad y HACCP (480 pages/trade binder/ ISBN 1-931591-32-4/ $595.00)
is a Knowledge Management title from Bizmanualz, Inc. All Bizmanualz
products are available by calling the publisher at 800-466-9953
(international customers call 314-863-5079), or visiting

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