Wales: Aid quits in 'dead language' row

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Tue Sep 18 13:58:43 UTC 2007

Aide quits in 'dead language' row

A Labour researcher has resigned after calling the Welsh language
"practically brain dead" on an internet chat room.  David Collins, who
worked for Vale of Clwyd Assembly Member Ann Jones, said he deeply
regretted his comments, but his position had become "untenable".  The
Cardiff school governor had said Welsh "could not be taught to
children whose families don't want it revived or couldn't care less
about it".  But he later claimed he had meant to say "dead" and not
"brain dead".

Mr Collins claimed he made a mistake due to his "careless typing". In
a letter to the AM he wrote: "It is clear to me that it is untenable
for me to remain in your employment."

"As you know, the comments I left were personal and in no way
reflective of your opinions or the policy of Wales Labour Party. On
reflection I deeply regret having written them. "As a dedicated and
committed constituency representative I know that you work with and
stand up for the interests of all the people of the Vale of Clwyd.
"It was not my intention to cause you this embarrassment and I can
only apologise." He added: "I would just like to say in conclusion
that it has been a pleasure to work for such a stalwart and principled
politician as yourself over the past seven or so years."

In a statement, Ms Jones said she had accepted the resignation and
wanted to "disassociate myself completely" from Mr Collins's comments.
She added: "I would like to reiterate my strong, continuing support
for the Welsh language and my commitment to work hard on behalf of all
my constituents.

"Both my children went to Welsh medium school and as a learner myself
I have always wholeheartedly supported the Welsh language, which is a
matter of public record. "That remains my position and I will not be
detracting from my support for the Welsh language.''

Story from BBC NEWS:

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