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> Do any of you know of any work by a linguist that focuses on these folk models
> of easy languages, language that sound nice, where these notions come from,
> etc., etc.? Robert.
I don't know. Some parts of this article, such as...

> It all started with the gorgeous sounds emanating from our crew. Have you
> ever listened to spoken, modern Greek? It pearls right over you, far richer
> than French or Italian ­ the usual contenders for most lovely language.
> Greek is a crocheted language, an afghan of sound: large bright squares of
> color covering you with their tonal warmth. It's soothing and energizing at
> the same time.
... are perfect illustrations of the sort of thing I tell my students I¹ll
take points off for repetition of: insupportable blathering nonsense.
Unless, of course, the blathering nonsense is being used to exemplify
language attitudes.


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