TOC: Language Problems and Language Planning Vol 31, No 3 (2007)

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Language Problems and Language Planning Vol 31, No 3 (2007)
Publisher: John Benjamins
Journal Title: Language Problems and Language PlanningVolume Number: 31Issue Number: 3Issue Date: 2007

Language Problems and Language Planning 31:3
2007. iv, 100 pp.
Table of contents
Articles / Articulos / Aufsätze / Artikoloj
Bilingualism and the politics of language planning and policy-making in WalesLinda Cardinal, Anne-Andrée Denault and Natalie Riendeau 211–235
Foreign language planning: Towards a supporting frameworkMark Payne 235–256
Evoluo de lingvoscio en Eŭropa Unio: Al nur-angla aŭ plurlingva EŭropoJukka Pietiläinen 257–280
Interlinguistics / Interlingüística / Interlinguistik / InterlingvistikoGiuseppe Peano e Louis Couturat sullo sfondo della lingua internazionaleCarlo Minnaja 281–289
Reviews / Críticas / Rezensionen / Recenzoj
Henry Rogers. Writing Systems: A Linguistic ApproachReviewed by John Algeo 291–293
Thomas Ricento (ed.). Language Policy. Theory and MethodReviewed by Ulrich Ammon 293–298
KIMURA Goro Christoph. Gengo ni totte "jin-i-sei" towa nanika? (What Does"Artificiality" Mean to Language? Case Studies of Cornish and Sorbian asExemplars of Language Construction and Language Ideology)Reviewed by Matsubara Koji 298–301
John E. Joseph. Language and PoliticsReviewed by Haitao Liu 302–305
David Crystal. The Language RevolutionCrítica per Davide Astori 305–309

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