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Studying Bilinguals
Published: 2008
Publisher: Oxford University Press

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Author: Fran├žois Grosjean


Even though more than half the world's population is bilingual, the study
of bilinguals has lagged behind that of monolinguals. With this book, which
draws on twenty-five years of the author's research, Fran├žois Grosjean
contributes significantly to redressing the balance. The volume covers four
areas of research: the definition and characterization of the bilingual
person, the perception and production of spoken language by bilinguals, the
sign-oral bilingualism of the Deaf, and methodological and conceptual
issues in research on bilingualism. While the author takes a largely
psycholinguistic approach, his acute linguistic and sociolinguistic
awareness is evident throughout and especially so in his reflections on
what it means to be bilingual and bicultural. The book also defends
increased co-operation among researchers in connecting fields such as the
language sciences and the neurosciences.

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