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*Symposium "Multilingualism in EU Institutions", Thursday, 28 August, 16–19
o'clock           *

Organiser Ammon, Ulrich
U of Duisburg-Essen · Germany

The EU treasures multilingualism as one of its core values, but can
multilingualism also be maintained in its very institutions? The symposium
would focus on the legitimacy and practicality of potential solutions to the
problem. It is inspired by and related to the comprehensive research project


*Ammon, Ulrich *·* Overview of questions and problems (*U of Duisburg-Essen·

*Els, Theo J.M. van* ·*EU institutional language use: How principled should
one be? (*Radboud U Nijmegen · Netherlands)

*Swaan, Abram de* ·*The EU language constellation after the enlargement (*U
of Amsterdam · Netherlands)

*Gazzola, Michele* ·*Towards efficiency and fairness indicators for the
evaluation of language regimes in the EU (*U of Geneva ·Switzerland)

*Ginsburgh, Victor A.* ·*On the political implementability of a linguistic
reform in the EU (*Free U of Brussels · Belgium)

*Carli, Augusto / Favilla, M. Elena / Chiara Felloni, Maria* · *Communicative
practices in the European Food Safety Authority (*U of Modena e Reggio
Emilia · Italy)

*Wimmers, Verena *· *On the future of the EU language regime (*U of
Duisburg-Essen, Germany)

*Wright, Sue* · *Language networks in the European Parliament: The rise of
English (*U of Portsmouth · UK)

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