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AILA 2008  European theme seminars

My attention has been drawn to the European theme seminars, five of which
deal with language policy.

Monday : *Language dynamics and management of diversity: a European research
project*  Organiser Berthoud, Anne-Claude / Grin, François / Lüdi,
GeorgesLausanne University
/ Swiss Academy of Social Sciences · Switzerland,  University of
Geneva · Switzerland,
University of Basel · Switzerland  In the context of the emergence of a
knowledge-based society, the project DYLAN will seek to identify the
conditions under which Europe's linguistic diversity can be an asset rather
than a drawback. Its goal is to investigate how different modes of thought,
argumentation and action, which are themselves linked to different
languages, partake in the development and transmission of knowledge, and
what role they play in the control of interactions, problem solving and
decision making

Monday August 25 Cenoz, Jasone / Gorter, Durk Multilingualism and minority
languages: Achievements and challenges in
symposium focuses on European minority languages which are 'unique'
languages in one state (Irish, Welsh, Frisian) or spread over more than one
state (Basque, Catalan). It will look at the results of research studies on
language and academic outcomes and attitudes It will also examine the
challenges of teaching through a minority language in a changing
world. Contributors
to Symposium: *Cenoz, Jasone* · *Achievement and challenges in bilingual and
multilingual education in the Basque Country (*U of the Basque Country ·
Spain)  *Harris, John* · *The declining role of primary schools in language
maintenance and language revitalisation in Ireland (*Trinity College Dublin ·
Ireland)  *Lewis, Gwyn* · *Current challenges in bilingual education in
Wales (*ESRC Centre for Research on Bilingualism, Bangor · UK)  *Vilai
Moreno, F. Xavier* · *Language-in-education policies in the Catalan language
area: Models, results and challenges (*U of Barcelona · Spain)  *Meer, Cor
van der* · *Frisian language education in a European perspective (*Fryske
Akademy, Ljouwert/Leeuwarden · Netherlands)

Tuesday: Hogan-Brun, Gabrielle Language education reforms at the margins of
Europe: Policies, practices,
This symposium concerns itself with changing language in education policies
for the provision of (multilingual) education in a selection of Central and
Eastern European countries. Contributors to Symposium:  *Ciscel, Matthew H.*
*·* *Reform and relapse of bilingual policy in Moldova (*Central Connecticut
State U · USA)  *Polese, Abel* ·*You are the language you speak! Effects of
language politics in Ukraine after 1991 (*Hannah Arendt Institute, Dresden ·
Germany) *Iliycheva, Maria* *·* *Education and the Turkish community in
Bulgaria after 1989: Negotiated formal balance (*Polish Academy of Sciences
· Poland) *Priedite,* *Aija* · *Pedagogic problems and challenges in
Latvia's changing education Environment (*National Agency for Latvian
Language Training, Riga · Latvia)  *Bulajeva, Tatjana / Hogan-Brun,
Gabrielle*· *Language and education orientations in Lithuania post-EU
accession (*U of Vilnius ·Lithuania, U of Bristol · UK)

Tuesday: T*he common European framework for languages: Language policy,
language testing, and SLA  *Organiser Hulstijn, Jan / Franceschina,
Florencia / Alderson, Charles / Huhta, Ari U of Amsterdam · Netherlands,
Lancaster U ·UK, Lancaster U ·UK, U of Jyväskylä ·Finland  The symposium
consists of three debates devoted to the following topics: (1) The CEFR and
language learning and teaching in Europe (debaters: Waldemar Martyniuk,
Jagiellonian University, Kraków; and Sauli Takala, University of Jyväskylä),
(2) The CEFR and language testing in Europe (debaters: Charles Alderson,
Lancaster University; and John de Jong, Pearson Education), and (3) The CEFR
and theory and research on second language acquisition (debaters: Florence
Myles, University of Newcastle; and Florencia Franceschina, Lancaster
University). Symposium attendees are invited to send in questions before the
symposium to hulstijn at uva.nl.

Thursday  *Multilingualism in EU Institutions *Organiser Ammon, Ulrich U of
Duisburg-Essen · Germany  The EU treasures multilingualism as one of its
core values, but can multilingualism also be maintained in its very
institutions? The symposium would focus on the legitimacy and practicality
of potential solutions to the problem. It  is inspired by and related to the
comprehensive research project DYLAN.  Contributors to Symposium: *Els, Theo
J.M. van* ·*EU institutional language use: How principled should one
be? (*Radboud
U Nijmegen · Netherlands)  *Swaan, Abram de* ·*The EU language constellation
after the enlargement (*U of Amsterdam · Netherlands)  *Gazzola,
Michele* ·*Towards
efficiency and fairness indicators for the evaluation of language regimes in
the EU (*U of Geneva ·Switzerland)  *Ginsburgh, Victor A.* ·*On the
political implementability of a linguistic reform in the EU (*Free U of
Brussels · Belgium)  *Haarmann, Harald* ·*EU institutional multilingualism
on trial—Reflections on core values from Northern countries (*U of Helsinki
· Finland)  *Carli, Augusto / Favilla, M. Elena / Chiara Felloni,
Maria* · *Communicative
practices in the European Food Safety Authority (*U of Modena e Reggio
Emilia · Italy)  *Schlossmacher, Michael* · *Zur Zukunft der
Sprachenregelung in den Organen der EU (*U of Duisburg-Essen, Germany)
Sue* · *Language networks in the European Parliament: The rise of English (*U
of Portsmouth · UK)
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