[ILAT] Court rules against Yup ’'ik as an historically written language ...

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What is the background on this category "historically written  
language"? (Academically, legally.) Although there may be a use for  
such a description, it sounds like it can too readily be misused as a  
pretext for linguistic discrimination.


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Alaska Public Radio Network (APRN)

Court rules against Yup’'ik as an historically written language

Fri, July 18, 2008
Posted in Alaska News, Top Stories

A Federal Judge has ruled that Yup'’ik is not an historically written  
The ruling is part of a lawsuit brought on by Yup’'ik elders and  
tribes against
the State of Alaska and the City of Bethel. The ruling by Judge  
Timothy Burgess
could limit the kind of language assistance the state is required to provide.

Shane Iverson, KYUK - Bethel

Access radio podcast below:

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