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Network to Promote Linguistic Diversity to launch in Brussels
On 11th June the new Network to Promote Linguistic Diversity (NPLD)will be launched in Brussels. The NPLD has been established to workfor the promotion and development of Europe's less widely usedlanguages.
EBLUL to hold PfD 2008 in Gdańsk, Poland
EBLUL will hold PfD 2008, the Partnership for Diversity, in Gdańsk,Poland from 11th to 13th September. This year's forum topic will be'Language Policy and the Regions in Europe'.
Welsh and Basque MEPs call for co-official status for their languagesin the European Parliament
Plaid Cymru MEP Jill Evans is launching an appeal for individuals andinstitutions in Wales to support moves to make Welsh a co-officiallanguage in the European Parliament. It comes as the UK and the WelshGovernment discuss Welsh usage in the Parliament with a decisionexpected by the end of June.
Sorbs demonstrate in Berlin
The Sorbs held their first demonstration in Berlin last week (29thMay) to call against a reduction in government grants for Sorbianinstitutions in Saxony and Brandenburg.
Out now! The first Irish language mobile phone, TomToms in Basque andiPhones in Catalan
Leading electronics manufacturer Samsung have announced the launch ofa high-end mobile phone, called the Tocco, which will have options toview the menus and do predictive texting in Irish, as well as manyother European languages. Meanwhile some enterprising Catalanactivists have made Apple's iPhone available in their language andBasque volunteers have launched a Basque-speaking car navigation(TomTom) system.
Armãns' National Day celebrated in Bucharest
Funds announced to promote Welsh language publishing

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