Calls: Language Policy and Planning in the Mediterranean

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Sun Jun 29 13:25:54 UTC 2008

Language Policy and Planning in the Mediterranean
Short Title: LPLPM

Date: 17-Oct-2009 - 19-Oct-2009
Location: Nicosia, Cyprus
Contact: Pavlos Pavlou
Contact Email:
Meeting URL: http://

Meeting Description:

The conference will focus on language policy and language planning
issues in the
countries of the Mediterranean basin.

The Mediterranean has long been considered as a unitary space on historical,
sociological and cultural grounds. This conference aims to explore how unity or
singularity is witnessed in language policy and language planning by bringing
together specialists from various parts of the Mediterranean world. Special
emphasis will be given to the dynamics of the relation between macro and micro
perspectives in LPLP, to the interaction between national and local objectives
and to new developments or insights that the study and comparative work on LPLP
in the Mediterranean societies bring about. This conference particularly
welcomes contributions from the Euro-Mediterranean countries.

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