Say a prayer in Welsh, please

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Sun Nov 16 17:53:01 UTC 2008

Saturday, 15 November 2008
Nov 15 2008 by Our Correspondent, Western Mail

Say a prayer in Welsh, please

SIR – The reason given by Milford Haven town council for not
implementing a Welsh language policy is that there are not sufficient
numbers of Welsh speakers in the area. I would be intrigued to know
what percentage they would consider sufficient. Would 51% do it? They
must have spent all of their budget getting the words "Croeso i
Aberdaugleddau" on their web page, which incidentally has links which
will provide Babel Fish translations of their web pages in EIGHT
languages other than English, but of course none of these languages is

I'm sure they would consider providing documents in an Eastern
European language if there was call for it. At least then it would be
comforting to know that their xenophobia is confined to the Welsh. I
believe that most meetings of the town council start with prayer. Say
one for the Welsh Language at the next meeting please.


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