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New Book on Telephone Interpreting Released

About the Book

While it may be a new concept for many readers, telephone interpreting
has been successfully used to enable speakers of different languages
to communicate for more than three decades. With time, the field has
evolved to ensure that high levels of quality can be obtained, both in
terms of connectivity and quality of interpretation. However, in spite
of its 30-year history and widespread use throughout the world, very
little has been written about telephone interpreting. In this, the
first book devoted entirely to the subject, the author provides
readers with long-awaited transparency and insight into the field, in
order to promote the highest possible standards of quality. The
publication serves as a practical guide for interpreters, a resource
for educators, a reference text for researchers and a comprehensive
handbook for consumers of interpreting services everywhere.

This book provides readers with a fascinating in-depth view into the
world of remote interpretation via telephone. The first publication
devoted exclusively to the topic, this book offers a wealth of
information for interpreters, educators, training professionals and
consumers of interpreting services within the realms of health care,
legal services, public safety, finance, social services, insurance and
numerous other industries where telephone interpreting services are
used. Through the model code of ethics and standards of practice
included in the book, readers can gain a better understanding of the
levels of quality that can be obtained through telephone
interpretation. Numerous role-play scenarios are also included to
facilitate telephone interpreting practice.



This is a much-needed and invaluable contribution to the literature on
the practice of interpreting. The volume provides unique insight into
the relatively new field of telephone interpreting, and should be
required reading for anyone involved in interpreting over the phone,
whether as a practitioner,consumer, or educator.

Holly Mikkelson, Adjunct Professor, Graduate School of Translation and
Interpretation, Monterey Institute of International Studies and
author, The Interpreter's Companion and The Interpreter's Edge

Organizations of all kinds are awakening to the fact that telephone
interpreting is not a substitute for other types of interpreting, but
is a vital and growing specialized area within the field.  Rich with
examples, this book is a must-read for all interpreters, and is highly
recommended to coordinators and managers of interpreting services.

Izabel Arocha, President, Massachusetts Medical Interpreters
Association, and Professor of Interpreting, Boston University

This guide is a valuable resource both to interpreters seeking to
enter the world of telephonic interpreting and to interpreter service
managers interested in introducing telephonic interpreting in their
facilities. The author clearly has extensive first-hand  experience in
the field, providing concrete examples as well as conceptual
frameworks. The writing is straightforward and easy to read. I would
suggest this book to anyone getting involved with telephonic

Cynthia E. Roat, U.S.-based consultant on language access in health
care, principal author, Bridging the Gap and former co-chair of the
National Council of Interpreting in Health Care


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