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 Language Policy and Planning in the Mediterranean
Short Title: LPLPM

Date: 17-Oct-2009 - 19-Oct-2009
Location: Nicosia, Cyprus
Contact Person: Pavlos Pavlou
Meeting Email:

 Call Deadline: 28-Feb-2009

Meeting Description:

First International Conference on Language Policy and Language
Planning in the Mediterranean (1st MedLPLP)
University of Cyprus, Nicosia
17-19 October, 2009

The conference will focus on language policy and language planning
issues in the
countries of the Mediterranean basin.

Call for Papers

The Mediterranean has traditionally been considered a unitary space on
historical, social and cultural grounds. More recent research suggests, on the
other hand, that the idea of Mediterranean as a unitary cultural, sociological
or historical space is rather a scientific construct, the "Mediterranist
construct", and point to important dissimilarities between the various
Mediterranean lands and cultures. Irrespective, however, of their similarities
and differences, or rather because of them, the Mediterranean Basin offers the
image of a "dialogic space" where influences travel north and south, east and
west of the waters. By bringing together specialists from various parts of the
Mediterranean world this conference aims to explore how unity and singularity
are witnessed in the area of LPLP and promote a fruitful dialogue
among scholars
working on the languages spoken in the Mediterranean Basin. Special emphasis
will be given to:

(a) the dynamics of the relation between macro- and micro- perspectives in LPLP
and the way these perspectives interact to transform the Mediterranean into a
common "dialogic space";

(b) the interaction between national and local objectives of LPLP,
especially as
regards minority or lesser used languages, oral varieties or small language

(c) new developments or insights that the study of and comparative work on LPLP
in the Mediterranean societies bring about;

The conference particularly welcomes contributions from the Euro-Mediterranean
countries. Scholars in any area of language policy or language planning, from
both synchronic and diachronic perspectives, are invited to submit
their proposals.

Keynote speakers who have already confirmed participation
-Louis-Jean Calvet, University of Aix en Provence, France
-Bernard Spolsky, University of Bar Ilan, Israel

Proposals for individual papers:

Participants wishing to present a paper (20-minute presentation + 10-minute
discussion) should send their abstract (350 words maximum including references,
Times New Roman 10pt, single space) as attachment in Word or RTF format to and a paper copy by post to the following address: Maria
Maglara, Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, P.O.Box 20537, 1678
Nicosia, University of Cyprus. Please use the following name format for your
file: [MedLPLP[surname of major author]], e.g. MedLPLPSmith]. Authors are
requested to mention their name, affiliation and a contact e-mail and postal
address in/on a separate file/copy.

The deadline for submissions is February 28, 2009. Official languages of the
conference are English, French and Greek.
All abstracts will be reviewed anonymously by the members of the Scientific
Committee. Authors will receive notification of acceptance no later than April
15, 2009.

Organizing Committee
-Marilena Karyolemou, Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies,
University of Cyprus,
-Maria Maglara, Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, University of
-Pavlos Pavlou, Department of English Studies, University of Cyprus,
-Elena Xeni, Department of English Studies, University of Cyprus,
-Dionyssis Zoumbalidis, Department of English Studies, University of Cyprus,

Scientific Committee
-Fabienne Baider, University of Cyprus
-Richard B. Baldauf Jr., University of Queensland
-Juan Manuel Hernández-Campoy, Universidad de Murcia
-Marilena Karyolemou, University of Cyprus
-Leigh Oakes, University of London
-Pavlos Pavlou, University of Cyprus

For questions or requests for information please contact:
Further details regarding MedLPLP will be available on the conference website, later this year. Please visit the website
periodically for regular updates.

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