question of methododlogy , help needed

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Mon Sep 1 14:02:38 UTC 2008

Dear Dr. Mostari,

Here is a very good APA resource on this matter:
I think that it provides the answer you are looking for, which seems to be publish the most current date of the edited book. It seemed odd to me too that you would put 1997 when the first research was published in 1993, but after thinking about it, it made more sense. We always put the date published. Maybe the research was really done in 1991, but wasn't first published until 1993. I think this is common. As a graduate student I thought it would help me to look into this question, and I realized through this that I had been reading dates in research articles as though that was the date of the research. This has changed my thinking. It is the date of the publication, not the research. Thank you for putting this into the public arena and giving me the opportunity to learn. 

All the best on your research,

Lisa Pierce

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> Subject: question of methododlogy , help needed
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> hi  everybody , 
> have a problem with references :
> I have a book which was edited in 1993 and I have the 1997
> version, so when I write the author example : shall I write
> it : Clyne (1993 ) or Clybe (1997) ?
> if I write clyne (1997) it wouldn't be logical because
> research was held in 1993?
> thanks for your rapid answer 
> Dr Mostari
> Algeria


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