question of methododlogy , help needed

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I'm not sure what book you are referring to here as I am not aware of
Clyne having produced a second edition in 1997 of something he edited in
However, the general rule is always the same.
Firstly, you should refer to the edited book as 'Clyne (ed) 1997', not
as 'Clyne 1997'. If you refer to a specific chapter in the collection,
you should refer to it by the author of the paper.
If the papers were specially written for the collection, give them as
the date of the collection, and if it is the second edition, identify it
as 2nd edn. I must say that if the paper has not been updated, it would
be better to refer to the first edition anyway.
On the other hand, if the papers are reprinted in a collection, you
should refer to them by the date of their first writing and indicate
that they have been reprinted in the collection (here it would probably
be best to refer to the 2nd edn).

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hi  everybody , 

have a problem with references :
I have a book which was edited in 1993 and I have the 1997 version, so
when I write the author example : shall I write it : Clyne (1993 ) or
Clybe (1997) ?
if I write clyne (1997) it wouldn't be logical because research was held
in 1993?
thanks for your rapid answer 
Dr Mostari

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