Cartoons related to the topic of "language policy"

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Wed Sep 10 20:34:17 UTC 2008

Dr. Schiffman:

Attached is a cartoon for your page.

Jon Reyhner

Harold Schiffman wrote:

> All,
> In consultation with some members of this list, I have recently
> created a page devoted to
> the topic of cartoons and other "public" images related to the topic
> of language policy.
> It's located at
> I will add other images as they become available; if any of you have
> any favorites you would
> like to send me, please do so.  Some of these images may, however, be
> somewhat offensive to members of certain groups;
> I include them because they're of interest as we consider "popular"
> notions of language and
> policy, even if we don't agree with them.  (I am NOT including and of
> the Danish cartoons that made
> fun of the prophet Mohammed.)
> Some of them may in fact be primarily "political" rather than
> primarily about "language policy" and
> if I get enough images in that category, I may create a separate page
> of "political" cartoons that
> have something to do with language.  One example on this (new) page is
> the cartoon showing Bush
> and Gore discussing (hah!) the pronunciation of the word "nuclear".
> I'm sure some of you will have some strong reactions to these images.
> H. Schiffman
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