Scotland: Bringing home the benefit of learning in Gaelic

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Bringing home the benefit of learning in Gaelic

The characters are instantly recognisable to any Scots child; the
dialogue less so. But in the Murray household it is not only Anna,
Beth and Calum following the adventures of Padraig Post. Father Andrew
and mother Catriona may well cock an ear to test how much they can
pick up. The couple are part of the growing band of non-Gaelic
speakers immersing themselves in the language after having sent their
children to Gaelic primary schools.

Anna is now P3 and Beth has just started P1 at the Sgoil Ghaidhlig
Ghlaschu, the Glasgow Gaelic School, while three-year-old Calum joins
his big sisters next August. Despite dad hailing from Lewis, the trio
help make up the 80%-plus of children now attending the Sgoil
Ghaidhlig who come from English-speaking families, with a handful even
speaking another European language at home.

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