Turkish in western European diaspora

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Fri Jan 16 16:43:42 UTC 2009

	There are quite a few Swedish dissertations under the direction of  
Prof Ulf Hannerz written at the University of Stockholm.  Why don't  
you contact him.  And reread Barth  ( 1969)  Languahe and Etnic  
Boundaries. Christina

On Jan 16, 2009, at 1:18 AM, Rakesh M. Bhatt wrote:

> Dear All:
> I have a quick help-question:
> Turkish folks in several European countries seem to be remrakably  
> resilent in terms of their loyalty to their ethnic language, much  
> more than other immigrant communities settled in Europe.  I am  
> trying to study what (precise) social-ethnographic factors may  
> contribute to the efforts of language maintenance in these  
> communities.  I am familiar with some of Pfaff's work, and of Ad  
> Backus, but would appreciate it if someone could point to monographs/ 
> papers written specifically on langauge maintenance/shift among  
> Turkish communities in western European diaspora (Germany/The  
> Netherlands/Sweden/France...???).
> Any help will be appreciated!
> Wamly,
> Rakesh
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