Democrats' Immigration Policy: No Juan Left Behind

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Wed Mar 11 16:40:05 UTC 2009

Democrats' Immigration Policy: No Juan Left Behind
2009-03-10 15:14:00

So weakened by his lack of popularity and public protest when he did
attempt some reform, Bush did not adequately deal with illegal
immigration. As a result, he punted to the Obama leftists the power to
shape immigration policy. Democrats came to power by dividing their
supporters into classes based on perceived slights and victimization,
placing immigrants in a special, fledgling growth area - a loyal
voting bloc. Republicans, who view them as a cheap way to finish that
rock wall in their back yard, never had the courage to address the
issue. Democrats do not want self-reliant immigrants like Louisiana
Gov. Bobby Jindal for fear they might undermine their “All Minorities
are Victims and Must be Subsidized to Succeed” platform. “Racist”
Republicans do not want any Puerto Ricans for fear they might marry
their daughters.

Even when we try to make English our official language, we meet with
protest from Democrats and one Republican governor of California.
Americans are tired of pressing 1 for English.  As poll after poll
proves, we want English to be our way of communicating, followed
closely by that pig Latin-derived language Snoop Dog uses in which
every word ends with “snizzel.” If you do not think unfettered
immigration can pose a problem for the existing inhabitants, just ask
Native Americans (you may know them as Indians).

I have no problem with immigration; it is the illegal part that’s
troubling. Hard-working immigrants here legally in active pursuit of
the American dream delight me. But we should decide whom we let in; we
should not just allow in the freeloaders (the future Democratic base)
who think they are entitled to come here and lay claim to our largesse
with an anchor baby. Should immigration even be a Federal issue, since
illegals mostly use local services such as schools, hospitals, police,
etc.? It is estimated that an illegal family with kids in school costs
a city $23,000 per year in services. With special English classes,
some estimates are higher. Without a consumption based “fair tax,”
illegals pay nothing toward their own keep. We pay their costs in
property and sales taxes.

Gang activity is now mostly driven by illegal Hispanic immigrants.
Thankfully, there are signs that Attorney General Eric Holder will be
tough on at least some illegals. Last week he ceremoniously arrested
700 Mexican drug and gun dealers out West. He might have arrested them
and charged them with capitalism, the worst crime anyone can commit in
the eyes of the Obama administration. Politicians find themselves in
tall weeds here, wallowing in a problem of their own making. They look
only to polls, not their consciences, for guidance on votes. My
suggestion is simple: if someone wants to come to America, he or she
must add value rather than be a drain.

I was reminded recently how our policies have changed when German
scientist Konrad Dannenberg died in Alabama at age 96. He invented the
V-2 rocket for Nazi Germany.  We brought him to the USA, where he
spearheaded our missile program that kept us safe. As his obituary
should have said, he was survived by the human race. I feel strongly
that persons like Dannenberg (and any Eastern European supermodel)
should quickly be granted citizenship. We must replenish our reservoir
of future Donald Trump wives. We should decide who comes here.
Taxpaying American citizens should not be put upon by those looking to
take advantage of the government cheese plate the Democrats will
offer.  If an illegal wants to stay, he should have to serve in our
military for his green card. Illegals have a long history of fighting
in America.  10,000 Mexicans fought at the Alamo; there would have
been more but they only had three cars.

Given the rising unemployment in the U.S., many of the illegals who
came here for work are heading home. This leaves us with the ones who
are here to mooch off of us or who are willing to live a life of
crime; neither is positive for America. Unless a Dominican has a
97-mile-per-hour fast ball and pitches for the Braves, I feel he
should not be here illegally. Those immigrants who want to come here
and who are willing to do something of value for that privilege should
be welcomed. Since they have long been willing to come here to do the
work Americans are unwilling to do, I suggest their first job should
be to write and enforce a coherent immigration policy for us.

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