No "Change" in Education Policy Either: NCLB to continue

Robert Lawless robert.lawless at
Tue Mar 17 13:36:44 UTC 2009

Right! We anthropologists should protest the use of the noble 
neandertals as the measure of all things bad and stupid.

Ronald Kephart wrote:
> On 3/14/09 9:25 AM, "Harold Schiffman" <hfsclpp at> wrote (quoting an
> article on NCLB by Kenn Jacobine):
>> The previous president was a neanderthal in many ways...
> I don't know. I suspect that neandertals (note corrected spelling) cared far
> more about the other people around them than our previous president did.
> Otherwise, they couldn't have survived all those years in Ice Age Europe.
> Ron
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