No "Change" in Education Policy Either: NCLB to continue

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Danke to those who recognize the Ice Age inhabitants of the Neander River Valley (German Tal = English Valley) who deserve correct spelling to remind us where some of their remains were found.  Respect is in order in not comparing them to latter day administration heads who figuratively live(d) in Plato's Cave (and might have been asleep or absent from class when The Allegory was discussed at Yale.)
Bis bald,

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Right! We anthropologists should protest the use of the noble 
neandertals as the measure of all things bad and stupid.

Ronald Kephart wrote:
> On 3/14/09 9:25 AM, "Harold Schiffman" <hfsclpp at>
wrote (quoting an
> article on NCLB by Kenn Jacobine):
>> The previous president was a neanderthal in many ways...
> I don't know. I suspect that neandertals (note corrected spelling)
cared far
> more about the other people around them than our previous president did.
> Otherwise, they couldn't have survived all those years in Ice Age
> Ron
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