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New Issue: Wiley-Blackwell Language & Linguistics Compass

The latest issue of the Wiley-Blackwell Language & Linguistics Compass
Discussion Forum is now available on The LINGUIST List. This feature
allows you to read the full text of selected articles for free online.
After reading, you can post a comment on the article's discussion page, or
read what others have said. This is a wonderful opportunity to read newly
published linguistics articles and engage in a discussion of the ideas.

The new featured articles in this issue are:

*How Infant Speech Perception Contributes to Language Acquisition,
by Judit Gervain and Janet F. Werker

*Syntactic Judgment Experiments,
by James Myers

*Can Language Politics Ensure Languages Survival? Evidence from Italy,
by Carmela Perta

*The Mathematical Assessment of Long-Range Linguistic Relationships,
by Brett Kessler

*Grammatical Categories and Relations: Universality vs.
Language-Specificity and Construction-Specificity,
by Sonia Cristofaro

Find the links to all articles and their discussion pages at:

See also the Language & Linguistics Compass site at:

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you can click on a number of articles pertinent to language policy,
and download a PDF or html
version.  (HS)]


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