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Objet: MATE's 5th ICT National Conference
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Date: Lundi 4 Mai 2009, 19h51

Dear all, 
MATE is pleased to announce the 5th National ICT (information and communication technology) Conference, on May 29-30-31, 2009 at Zerktouni Training Centre in Agadir. The theme of the conference is: ICT for communication and project work: focus on social software and web 2.0. Similar to the last four events, this conference will focus mainly on ICT supported teaching and learning activities and projects. 
There will be about 60 participants including tertiary level teachers, teacher trainers, inspectors, and upper and lower secondary school teachers. Places will be limited given the nature of the conference. The Participants will be selected according to the following criteria:                                   
- having basic skills in ICT materials use and production 
- willing to actively participate in a productive project during and after the workshop 
- being ready to cascade information and similar work with colleagues in their area 
- first come, first served. 
To cover part of the expenses of the conference, the participants will be required to pay 
- a subscription fee (all participants; resident & non-resident): 150 Dhs. 
- MATE membership card for those who do not have one 
- Lodging is offered by Sous-Massa-Daraa academy for participants coming from outside Agadir and Inzeggane. 
If you are ready to participate, please send a confirmation message to matemorocco at yahoo.com and a copy to Hassan Fathi  <hassane_fathi75 at yahoo.com>  (no later than May 17th, 2009) where you state: 
- your full name 
- the name of your institution, delegation and area 
- your DOTI number (numéro de somme. Very important for invitations) 
- your email address 
- phone number (if possible). 
Participants who are willing to give a workshop or present an ICT-based experience are requested to send their abstracts to matemorocco at yahoo.com and a copy to Mohammed Hassim <mhassim2 at yahoo.co.uk> (no later than May 17th, 2009.) 
For more info see the attached file. 
We look forward to meeting you in Agadir. 

Mohamed Hammani
MATE President
B.P. 1270 El Qods Khouribga 25000, Morocco
Email: matemorocco at yahoo.com
Website: www.mate.org.ma
Phones: +212662052344

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