UK: Full powers needed on Welsh Language

Harold Schiffman hfsclpp at
Sat May 16 16:03:54 UTC 2009

Full powers needed on Welsh Language

Plaid Cymru's multi page collection of caveats and excuses currently
masquerading as the Welsh Language Legislative Competence Order will
come under scrutiny tomorrow from their own supporters when Cymdeithas
yr Iaith Gymraeg, the Welsh Language Society, holds a rally outside
the Senedd in Cardiff.

Unfortunately, I am not able to attend but I did contribute towards
the cost of their newspaper advert and fully support their cause. The
fact is that the way that the LCO is currently drafted will severely
tie the Assembly's hand when legislating on the Welsh language. It
will leave MPs with a veto on the way that legislation is framed and
prevent Assembly Ministers from fully implementing their agenda, no
matter what it is.

There is no logical reason why the Welsh Assembly should not have full
authority to decide policy on the Welsh language. This is an area that
naturally falls into our competence. The present compromise is a
recipe for more conflict between Cardiff Bay and Westminster and a
denial of the principles of devolution.

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