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Dear Colleagues,
The  VARIA 2  issue of the Journal of Language Contact (JLC)
has now appeared and can henceforth be downloaded from: .
The complete issue as well as each separate article can be accessed
"Issues & Articles".
Table of Contents:

JLC general informations

John M. Lipski

“Fluent dysfluency” as congruent lexicalization: a special case of
radical code-mixing

Ghil‘ad Zuckermann

Hybridity versus Revivability: Multiple Causation, Forms and Patterns
in Israeli (somewhat misleadingly a.k.a. ‘Modern Hebrew’)

Simone Heinold

Derivational morphology under the influence of language contact in
French and German

Brigitte Pakendorf
Intensive contact and the copying of paradigms
Agnès Millet & Isabelle Estève

Contacts de langues et multimodalité chez des locuteurs sourds :
concepts et outils méthodologiques pour l’analyse

Book Reviews

Karin Speedy
Annegret Bollée, Deux textes religieux de Bourbon du 18e siècle et
l’histoire du créole réunionnais. Philippe-Albert Caulier C. M:
Profession de Foy, en jargon des Esclaves Nêgres/Petit Catechisme de
l’Isle de Bourbon tourné au Style des Esclaves Nêgres, 2007, VIII +
152 pages. (Serendib Series, 1). London - Maharagama : Battlebridge
Françoise Gadet
Cl. Bavoux, Lambert-Félix Prudent & Sylvie Wharton, Normes endogènes
et plurilinguisme. Aires francophones, aires créoles, 2008, 200 pages.
Paris - Lyon : ENS Editions, Collection Langages.
Carole de Féral

Dagmar Deuber, Nigerian Pidgin in Lagos. Language contact, variation
and Change in an African urban setting, 2005, xiv + 274 pages, 4 maps,
6 black and white photos, CD of selected recordings and texts.
London: Battlebridge Publications.

Claude Caïtucoli

Alexandre Duchêne & Monica Heller (Eds.) Discourses of endangerment:
Ideology and Interest in the Defence of Languages, 2007, 304 pages.
London - New York: Continuum International Publishing Group Ltd.,
Advances in Sociolinguistics.

Daniel Véronique
J. Holm & P. L. Patrick, (Eds.) Comparative Creole Syntax. Parallel
outlines of 18 creole grammars, 2007, 416 pages, maps. Westminster
Creolistic Series: London: Battlebridge Publications.
Anthony Grant

Susanne Michaelis (Ed.) Roots of Creole Structures. Weighing the
contribution of substrates and superstrates, 2008, XI, 425 pages.
Amsterdam – Philadelphia: John Benjamins.

Daniel Véronique
S. Mufwene, Language Evolution: Contact, Competition and Change, 2008,
354 pages. London - New York: Continuum International Publishing Group
Katja Ploog

Stolz, Thomas, Dik Bakker & Rosa Salas Palomo (Eds.) Aspects of
Language cContact. New Theoretical, Methodological and Empirical
findings with Special Focus on Romancisation Processes, 2008, 420
pages. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.

Stolz, Thomas, Dik Bakker & Rosa Salas Palomo (Eds.) Hispanisation.
The Impact of Spanish on the Lexicon and Grammar of the Indigenous
Languages of Austronesia and the Americas, 2008, 286 pages. Berlin:
Mouton de Gruyter.

Klaus Beyer

Thomas Stolz, Dik Bakker & Rosa Palomo, Romanisierung in Afrika: Der
Einfluss des Französischen, Italienischen, Portugiesischen und
Spanischen auf die indigenen Sprachen Afrikas. Diversitas Linguarum,
Volume 22, Universitätsverlag Dr. Norbert Brockmeyer; 129 pages.
Auflage: 1., Erstauflage (19. Februar 2009)

Books and journals received

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(Institut für Afrikanische Sprachwissenschaften of the J.W. Goethe-University
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