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 the Malay language?

By toreksulong  Kuala Lumpur : Malaysia | Jul 25, 2010 1


Typically, all language is arbitrary. It varies according to the
passage of time, cultural development, social change, and so on. Based
on that lead to increased capacity and new treasury said that whether
it is recognized by the body responsible for the growth and
development of language or otherwise. This stress is in line with the
opinion of Bloch and Trager (1942) defines language as a symbol of the
arbitrary down the speech used to communicate with the community.
Language is actually the sound produced by instruments such as the
terms of the human oral cavity, nose, lungs and other articulate. The
uniqueness of each language stands for a particular order, whether in
the form of sounds of words, word order, grammar or syntax is said to
be systematic.

Language researchers have agreed that all forms of language such as
words, phrases, clauses and sentences. Every spoken language has a
meaning for the speaker and listener. It changed and grew as long as
there is interaction between the speakers. Malay is also experiencing
significant growth as the language of science to diperkasakannya this
latest addition is known as a creative language that consists of 28
letters that can create thousands of words. Malay language should
include the languages of the world has become a global communicator
involving the interaction of a clear, broad and without borders other
than domestic use needs to state the expression of thought and
expression or statement.


The position of the Malay language became the main pillar of national
communication or as named in Article 152 of the Federal Constitution,
clearly proves and efforts to put in a high position can not be
disputed. However, the challenges of globalization, seen between the
Malay Language received the most profound impact. Seemingly isolated
and did not conduct to be adopted, especially in the elite group of
native speakers, regardless of race, including his own Malay identity
that appears to be delirious because even glorify the colonial
language in official domestic class.

The golden era of the Malay civilization, once a proof of the
greatness of the Malay language 'lingua franca' and bonding strength
to the Malays themselves. Various plans have been established in the
Malay language as the language of science. Language planning the
construction of meaning in language so to allow a language capable of
handling new functions that should be imposed on him. Malay language
designed to be the language of administration, the language of the law
and the judiciary, the language of science, and language throughout
the system of modern life.

Description Malay as the national language means very large,
especially as the symbol and the elements of consolidation nation.
Regardless of race and ethnicity, all citizens of this country should
speak fluent Malay. The status of Malay as the national language will
also strengthen the potential of language itself as the language of
interaction with various global issues that are capable of
understanding a large number of residents across the modern world.

Interpret the integrity of the Constitution of Malay as the official
language of accounting for its use in all Federal, State, and Public
Administration. If the compliance of all parties to the limits of
language gazetted Malay would be able to stand as a modern language, a
language that can express the concepts of life and the need for
modernization. The question is, how capable, willing and enthusiastic
patriotism of the country's administration hardcore Malay language of
all official business.

Set the standard official language for the Malay language is broad
enough to provide the space for established and growing in the
professional fields such as administration, management, law,
economics, and others. Hence, due to their status which is rated as
medium of education or language knowledge also provides a space wide
enough to nurture Malaysian language as the modern language.

This is asserted as the most important foundation of modern life is
predicated on the mastery of knowledge. Language that can express
itself is knowledge of modern languages. With the potential that has
proven successful at the time of the Malay-Islamic civilization as a
language of knowledge, and with the assistance of the National
Language Policy and National Education Policy, the Malay language is
supposed to be on track toward completeness as a modern language.

Malay language is not only can become a vehicle of knowledge
dissemination at the school level, and in the exploration of social
science, but also proved capable of reaching the level of the Public
Institutions of Higher Learning (IPTA) and should have the whole
institution as well as other private universities also responded to
this agenda with a look to the policy look to the East. Looking at the
integrity of the Japanese people and people of Thailand to defend its
language as a language of science and technology.

The question is, why English has become the core of learning in public
and private universities in this country? The reason that is often
missed is because all documentation, materials science and academic
research more than the body of knowledge displayed in Malay.
Consequently, other issues need to same. Where you're going to Malay
scholars either Doctor PhD education class. from universities in and
outside the country to act as a national language fighter. Standing in
a spirit of patriotism to translate the knowledge and technology into
Malay for the conquest of the new generation should be proud of the
language itself.

Who should be the example to lead the line fighter of this language is
world class? As the hard work of the people of Japan to transfer
knowledge and technology into the language. It should be an
implementation of a comprehensive and in line with national
aspirations. This is important for the increasing body of knowledge
and technology, even involving space science should be translated into

However, there are many foreign influences in Malay language that can
not be denied. This is due to become a modern language, Malay as well
as any other language in the world, also received the influence of
foreign languages, especially in terms of vocabulary or vocabularies.
It is also caused by factors that also influence the spread of the use
of Malay. In this context and based on Malay study found that Arab and
Sanskrit element is dominant.

Education also caused widespread its use of foreign language elements
in the Malay language, especially English and Arabic. The new term is
sometimes taken from both the Malay language itself has no meaning for
the word perfect. The influence of foreign languages is also happening
in the business and trade. This process has taken place since
hereditary. In the past, Sanskrit and Arabic words are used as
measures such as 'gantang', pounds and silver coins, but this time the
British influence is strong Malay influence, such as kilograms,
meters, commodities and others.
Political colonialism has become the main cause of the scope of the
influence of other languages into Malay. Other than English are also
elements of Dutch and Portuguese in a small number.
Elements of foreign language acquisition and applied, including sound,
character, writing system, remuneration, Structure vocabulary and
sentence. Entry of foreign language elements in the Malay language
dates back to the time of Sanskrit, Arabic, English, Portuguese,
Dutch, Indonesian, Chinese and English. In addition there are other
influences such as Hinduism, Thailand and the Philippines.
Writing the Malay language has undergone some changes and use some of
the letters that each another. Writing began to apply the Pallava
script of Indian origin. Pallava script was later changed. Thus, there
the types of writing as sharp script writing, writing Pallava, Kawi
script, Jawi and Roman script.

The need to master the English language the more urgent but at the
same time the mother tongue should be protected. In this position
there is confusion and doubt. Thus in order to master the English
language, Malay language deemed necessary as a mediator and as an
instrument of unity among the people.
The success of developed countries like Japan and Korea are able to
master the technology to produce innovative, creative and scientific
in their own native language, once again be referred to as an
assertion of the sovereignty of the Malay Language.

Factors that drive a language to take the foreign elements, especially
the English language is that in case of need to give new names or new
terminology that meets the requirements of filling time and the time.
About this can be forgiven.

Psychological factors also influence the borrower community if the
community of speakers will be borrowed from the language of higher
status than their own mother tongue. Similarly, in business
development and commercial businesses that require world-class
language. To improve the structure of the language, the process can
actually lead to the strengthening of lending to the borrowing
language. The next language will continue to grow and live in any time
and condition.

However, we should be proud of the development of information
technology which allows web authors or blogger s began to produce
their writings in Malay and in the era of the Internet and the
development of virtual technology is definitely writing to wander all
over the world. They (non-Malaysians) are interested in learning the
Malay language will not have to search the dictionary for the phrasal
a lot in one go it can be translated in time in their preferred

Malay language is already used in the Malay School in the UK
government. In high school, there were two spoken languages, namely
Malay and English. Malay language is taught as a subject only.
However, the Malay language as the medium used and the subject of the
course at Teachers College since 1900. By the independence of the
country, raised awareness to create a school system.

Accordingly, several committees were formed to study the school system
at that time and produce the following reports:

Barnes Report 1951 Committee, established in 1950 and chaired by L J
Barnes, Director of Social Training from the University of Oxford. The
proposed committee include increasing the standard of student
achievement of Malay vernacular schools and improving standards in

Millions of school students from the national trend has been produced
and they are a pillar of national development in various fields.
Although the level of higher education, partly to obtain knowledge in
foreign languages, especially those studying abroad. Can not be denied
that up to secondary level or at least a level which provides the
knowledge and basic skills to students, the education delivered in the
national language.

Malay culture in the education system should re-established starting
from the pre-school to tertiary level. Government should give emphasis
to a more sustainable culture of the Malay language as the basis for
civilization reinforcement nation in two important aspects.

First - Implementation of the use of Malay as the main language in the
process of knowledge acquisition and expansion plans in line by Razak
Education Committee in 1956 that strengthened the Education Review
Committee Rahman Talib in 1960 and articulated in the Education Act
1961 and the Education Act 1996.

Any effort to withdraw from an important and wise decision as the
legislation has proved the success of nation-building process, should
be avoided. The success of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) and
other universities in the implementation of Malay as a language of
science to various fields of knowledge.

Second - good language acculturation, orderly, polite and represent
the high culture through the teaching and learning, curriculum,
textbooks and supplementary reading materials and through various
co-curricular activities undertaken.

Struggle and uphold sovereign Malay was running for a long time. In
fact, the process to replace English as the medium of education has
taken a long time and only in 1982 Malay language became the medium of
instruction completely in the education system.

Various acts and policies such as the 1961 Education Act, the National
Language Act 1963, the National Language Act in 1967 and Razak and the
Cabinet Committee Report on the Implementation of Education Policy
(1982) was planned, designed, and implemented. The establishment of
SMEs in 1972 the full use of Malay language as the medium indicates
the ability of the Malay language itself.

Based on various National Education Policy Act and applicable, it is
clear that the position and dignity of the Malay language has been
placed on high level according to its position as the official
language. However, Malay dignity there appears to erode the Education
Act 1996. Provisions in the act clearly shows that the Malay language
has been sidelined.

In this case, he Pert (1998) Pro Chancellor University Technology
Malaysia (UTM) said that the students have to defend the dignity of
the local national language as the national language is now faced with
a lot of stress due to many private institutions of higher learning
that does not use the Malay Language language. He was to emphasize
that this step should be to ensure that the Malay language as the
national language remains forever.

Nik Safiah Karim (1984) also states that the standard of intellectual
achievement of the Malay language will become more apparent when the
Malay language is used as a scientific language. Thus, institutions of
higher learning is the carrying of ivory tower features scientific
either in terms of teaching and learning both in terms of research to
support the vision of elevating the language.

Universities play a key role in research and appropriate that the
Malay language is used in order to lift the dignity and ability of the
Malay language itself deals with matters of a more abstract, precise
and firm. Education Act 1961 which provides the main focus kan
education through the national language as a medium, and replace the
English were successful (Awang Abdul Ghani 1997). The Act plays a role
for three decades and a half and found capable of implementing the
goals and philosophy of education policies.

Success after success has been achieved, and Malaysia is acknowledged
as a center of excellence in science by using the Malay language and
place accordingly. Therefore, there should be no less confidence in
the mobilization and use of Malay as the medium of instruction in
institutions of Higher Private Institutions (IPTS) as done previously.

Emerging colleges should not be solely the flexibility to provide
opportunity and advantage to a foreign language takes place. Malay
language as a medium for education this has led to the development of
national development and to instill unity among the people. Therefore,
confidence and trust in the ability to continue in the Malay language
the national education system and mainstream.

Teaching of Malay as a foreign language actually has been done at
institutions of higher learning in the country. According to Azhar Ab.
Wahab and Noor Ida Ramli (1997), Department of Malay Studies Institute
began to introduce the Malay language courses since 1972 for students
to study more general spread and diploma courses in the other. In
fact, Malay language courses for a group of 25 engineers of Esso
Production Malaysia Inc., Kerteh was carried out by ITM Terengganu
Pahang branch.

Likewise the experience of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (Abu Bakar
Hj. Yussof Asma Ibrahim and 1994) and Universiti Sains Malaysia
(Mashudi Kader 1996). This situation shows the ability and the needs
of Malay as a language learning and language scientific especially in
local institutions of higher learning.

Uphold the Malay language in the actual institution of higher learning
have shown the ability and effectiveness. This is reinforced when the
Malay language taught and examined in dozens of universities in
Europe, in Australia, New Zealand and North America, as well as
studied and taught in South East Asia, East Asia, and North Asia
(Ismail Hussein 1995).

In this case, the Malay language have become the international
language. International Islamic University as an institution of higher
learning using English as medium of primary and Arabic as a second
medium (Awang Sariyan 1995) have also been carrying out efforts to
uphold the Malay language later adopted as the medium of instruction.

This is because the university was attended by students from the
country and foreign countries, Mr Sariyan (1995) also suggested that
the Malay language is compulsory among the children of foreign
nationals studying in international schools.

IPT role in enhancing the prestige of the Malay language is actually
very important. This is because research conducted at universities,
especially the Malay language. Research carried out by using the Malay
language and thus help increase the prestige of the Malay language
itself. According to Mohd. Tajudin Abdul Rahman (1996), research is
something that can lead to the development and changes. In other
words, when the Malay language as the language used in research, this
would raise the status and dignity of the Malay language itself.

Placing the status or prestige of the Malay language means the place
of Malay as a language of knowledge and build a culture of the Malay
language. In this regard, teach (1991) has suggested that organized
efforts to expand and enrich the original research works in the Malay
language in all fields. He said again, the whole spectrum of knowledge
should be researched and rewritten in original form from the point of

In fact, various seminars and conferences have been organized by the
language of bodies and parties concerned to uphold the Malay language.
Linguistics Association in collaboration with the Dewan Bahasa dan
Pustaka (DBP) has organized a seminar on Malay Language Civilization
By Year 2020. These events have highlighted the resolution of the
other five states that have adopted the Malay language in the legal
documents national legislation as the national language, official
language, and language knowledge.

Mangantar Simanjuntak (1995), says that learning English is not the
main goal of our education system. English is only way to acquire
knowledge and to achieve other goals. According to another, the
quality of our education system should not be measured based on our
competence in English or whether we could or could not speak very
fluent in the international conference. He added, foreign language is
not too difficult to learn if we studied hard.

conclusion, ongoing efforts to improve competitiveness, resilience,
creativity, and excellence of Malay as the medium of education should
be implemented as a whole, regardless of universities or colleges to
realize the purpose of control of English as a second language is a
tool to acquire and disseminate knowledge. The main result is the
struggle to build the civilization of the nation.

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