[lg policy] Congratulatory notes for Joshua Fishman

Carol Myers-Scotton myerssc3 at MSU.EDU
Fri Sep 24 00:43:15 UTC 2010

  On 9/23/2010 3:21 PM, Harold Schiffman wrote:
> Forwarded  From: Ofelia Garcia<ogarcia at gc.cuny.edu>
> Date: 2010/9/21
> Subject: Congratulatory notes for Joshua Fishman
> Dear colleagues,
> I'm writing to let you know that Joshua Fishman will be honored by the
> Royal Academy of the Basque Language  on October 3, 2010. A Basque
> delegation will be coming to NY to grant him honorary membership. I
> wanted to let all of you know because at this time he needs his
> friends and colleagues more than ever, and I thought you should know
> and share in his joy. I know that many of you will be writing to him
> directly. But if you would like me to read your words at the event
> (which will be held in his home,) it would be good if you copied me.
> Please let others know about this and encourage them to send notes.
> Gratefully,
> Ofelia
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> Ofelia GarcĂ­a
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> ogarcia at gc.cuny.edu
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Dear Ofelia,
Here is a congratulatory note that I wish you would read for me at the 

Dear Joshua,
i wish to add my congratulations to the many voices you will hear 
today.   I am not surprised to hear that the Basques are recognizing 
your long career as a champion of bi- and multilingualism and a defender 
of so-called minority languages.
It has been an honor to know you all these years and to read you many 
books.  My warmest regards to you and Gella.  I am still going strong 
(Yes, I still am academically active, but do you know that I bought my 
own horse in my retirement and ride regularly).  I hope we meet again soon.
All good wishes,  Carol Myers-Scotton
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