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More from the interface of languages and technology. 

And a question: What might be the impact on language policy/planning and linguistic diversity tomorrow of investment in computational linguistics, natural language processing (NLP), human language technologies (HLT), and more localization today?


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Computational Linguistics-Applications Conference (CLA'11)

17-19 October 2011
Warszawianka Hotel Wellness & Spa in Jachranka (near Warsaw, Poland) 

Conference Goals
The Computational Linguistics ? Applications Conference was established in
2008 as the Workshop for its first three editions in response to the
fast-paced progress in the area, to create a dialog between researchers and
practitioners involved in Computational Linguistics and related areas of
Information Technology.

Traditionally, computational linguistics was limited to the scientists
specialized in the processing of a natural language by computers.
Scientific approaches and practical techniques come from linguistics,
computer science, psychology, and mathematics. Nowadays, there is a number
of practical applications available. These applications are sometimes
developed by smart yet NLP-untrained developers who solve the problems
using sophisticated heuristics. CLA aims to be a meeting place for both
parties in order to share views and ideas. It will help scientist to better
understand real world needs and practitioners not to reinvent the wheel.

Computational Linguistics needs to be applied to make the full use of the
Internet. There is a definite need for software that can handle
unstructured text and information to allow search for information on the
web. The priority aim of the research in this area is to enable users to
communicate with the computer in their native language.

CLA'11 Conference is a place where the parties meet to exchange views and
ideas with a benefit to all involved. The Conference will focus on
practical outcome of modeling human language use and the applications
needed to improve human-machine interaction.

Paper Topics
This call is for papers that present research and practical developments on
all aspects of Natural Language Processing used in real-life applications,
such as (this list is not exhaustive):

* ambiguity resolution
* anaphora resolution
* applied CL software and systems
* computational morphology
* computational phonology
* corpus annotation and corpus-based language modeling
* creation of lexical resources
* dialogue systems
* entity recognition
* extraction of linguistic knowledge from text corpora
* information retrieval and information extraction
* machine learning methods applied to language processing
* machine translation and translation aids
* multi-lingual dialogue systems
* ontology and taxonomy evaluation
* opinion mining and sentiment classification
* paraphrasing and entailment
* parsing issues
* parts-of-speech tagging
* proofing tools
* prosody in dialogues
* question answering
* semantic networks and ontologies
* semantic role labeling
* semantic web
* speech recognition and generation
* summarization
* text classification
* text summarization
* word sense disambiguation

Paper Presentation
The presentation of the paper has to include a demonstration of an existing
tool. The papers should include a section describing the tool (or a
prototype), which demonstrates the theory discussed in the paper.

The presentation is divided into two parts. First, the author(s) shortly
demonstrate their tools to the audience. In the second part, the authors
discuss their work with other participants and let the audience test their

Papers will be evaluated and accepted on the basis of their technical
merit, usefulness of the real life application and relevance to the
workshop scope by the CLA'11 Program Committee. The paper will be assessed
by academics as well as industry representatives in order to assure fair
and balanced assessment.

All accepted and presented papers will be published in the Conference
Proceedings. The best demonstrations will be selected to be shown to the
general audience of the conference at a plenary session.

Papers Submission
* Authors should submit draft papers (as Postscript, PDF of MSWord file).
* The total length of a paper should not exceed 8 pages (IEEE style). IEEE
style templates are available at: http://submit.cla-conf.org.
* Papers will be refereed and accepted on the basis of their scientific
merit and relevance to the workshop.
* Accepted and Presented paper will be published in the Conference

Important dates
* Full paper submission: June 20th, 2011
* Notification of acceptance: July 12, 2011
* Camera-ready version of the accepted papers: August 23rd, 2011
* Conference: October 17-19, 2011

Conference Venue
Warszawianka Hotel Wellness & Spa in Jachranka (near Warsaw, Poland):

Paper Submission System

Facebook CLA Group

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