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Subject: [ILAT] New book on multilingualism in cyberspace

Dear All,


Next week will see the launch of a new book: NET.LANG: towards the multilingual cyberspace <http://net-lang.net/lang_en> . You can download the pdf version either in English <http://net-lang.net/externDisplayer/displayExtern/_path_/netlang_EN_pdfedition.pdf>  or French <http://www.maayajo.org/IMG/pdf/Net.lang_FR_livre-2.pdf>  free of charge. I have pasted the table of contents below.


Dave Pearson

SIL International






Irina Bokova, General Director, UNESCO 13

Abdou Diouf, General Secretary, La Francophonie 17

José Luis Dicenta, General Secretary, Union Latine 21

Dwayne Bailey, Research Director, ANLoc 23

Daniel Prado, Executive Secretary, Maaya Network 27


Part 1 - When Technology Meets Multilingualism 


Daniel Prado

Language Presence in the Real World and Cyberspace 35


Michaël Oustinoff

English Won’t be the Internet’s Lingua Franca 53


Éric Poncet

Technological Innovation and Language Preservation 69


Maik Gibson

Preserving the Heritage of Extinct or Endangered Languages 75


Marcel Diki-Kidiri

Cyberspace and Mother Tongue Education 89


Part 2 - Digital Spaces


Stéphane Bortzmeyer

Multilingualism and the Internet’s Standardisation 105


Mikami Yoshiki & Shigeaki Kodama

Measuring Linguistic Diversity on the Web 119


Joseph Mariani

How Language Technologies Support Multilingualism 141


Vassili Rivron

The Use of Facebook by the Eton of Cameroon 161


Pann Yu Mon & Madhukara Phatak

Search Engines and Asian Languages 169


Hervé Le Crosnier

Digital Libraries 185


Dwayne Bailey

Software Localization: Open Source as a Major Tool for Digital Multilingualism 205


Mélanie Dulong De Rosnay

Translation and Localization of Creative Commons Licenses 221


Part 3 - Digital Multilingualism: Building Inclusive Societies


Viola Krebs & Vicent Climent-Ferrando

Languages, Cyberspace, Migrations 229


Annelies Braffort & Patrice Dalle

Accessibility in Cyberspace: Sign Languages 249


Tjeerd de Graaf

How Oral Archives Benefit Endangered Languages 269


Evgeny Kuzmin

Linguistic Policies to Counter Languages Marginalization 287


Tunde Adegbola

Multimedia and Signed, Written or Oral Languages 311


Adel El Zaim

Cyberactivism and Regional Languages in the 2011 Arab Spring 325


Adama Samassékou

Multilingualism,  the Millenium Development Goals,  and Cyberspace 337


Part 4 Multilingualism on the Internet : a Multilateral Issue


Isabella Pierangeli Borletti

Describing the World: Multilingualism, the Internet, and Human Rights 351


Stéphane Bortzmeyer

Multilingualism and Internet Governance 373


Marcel Diki-Kidiri

Ethical Principles Required for an Equitable Language Presence in the Information Society 387


Stéphane Grumbach

The Internet in China 401


Michaël Oustinoff

The Economy of Languages 407


Daniel Prado & Daniel Pimienta

Public Policies for Languages in Cyberspace 423



the Future speaks, reads  and writes in all languages

Adama Samassékou President of Maaya


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