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Tri-lingual official policy for SL

Posted on November 6th, 2012
Anura Senevirathna (for expat Hela team).

On the 2nd November 2012 Hon. Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe addressed
the Human Rights Council, Geneva for the UPR (universal periodic
review) of SL. The address was well structured in defence of the
country and we are grateful for his noble effort. It is also vital to
be constructively critical of a major flaw in the shape of
“tri-lingual” official policy in the address, which runs as a
dangerous undercurrent threatening the country’s national sovereignty.
In the tri-lingual format, although English language is foreign, it is
practically vital as a world language to communicate with the world.
But Tamil is the language of Tamil Country (Tamil Nadu), which is
foreign and should be kept in the private domain, like most national
countries treat the languages of settler communities. This is a
blatantly preposterous policy giving rise to separatist agendas and
the very root of the non ending conflict climate in the country due to
the official recognition of separatist entities as “small nations”
(sulu jaatheen).

 To suppress the salient fact that SL is the country of the Sinhela
Nation while Tamil Nadu is the Tamil country, is the greatest
treachery committed by the so called national leaders of the nation
then and now, by flaunting a non –existent SL nation, which does not
have ONE OFFICIAL SOVEREIGN LANGUAGE, the basis of nationhood.

 Can we not see and learn even at this late stage how other sovereign
national countries like Japan, Malaysia, France, Germany, UK and even
America are run with the policy of INCLUSIVITY, unifying all settler
races in ONE SOVEREIGN LANGUAGE, without alienating different races to
go their own ways as in SL, ever threatening invasive terror and
separatist agendas?

 Any comparison of SL with the multi national ground reality of the
Indian Subcontinent is likened to oranges and apples. The numerous
languages of various federal states including Tamil Nadu, which truly
have the right for independent Nation Statehood. India’s attempt of
UNION through the official language of Hindi is meeting tough
resistance due to India’s geo-indigenous ethnic nature, and the goal
of UNION reveals the presence of separate NATIONS in the Subcontinent
unlike in SL.

 The Sinhela Nation in our indigenous sovereign national motherland
have the fundamental human right, as the ONLY nation of people
INCLUSIVE of all settler races in the Island of Sinhelas as all
Sinhela National citizens, to UPHOLD the Sinhela Language as the
SOVEREIGN LANGUAGE, which is the backbone of a nation to sustain.
Hence, our utmost appeal to the Sinhela Nation of the Sinhela Island,
to demand the leaders to Uphold the Sovereignty of the Sinhela
Language in justice & truth! The Island Country that defended its
national sovereignty for thousands of years with the life blood of our
ancestors – our present duty is to carry through this noble duty by
discarding infantile party political divisions, in uniting as the
SINHELA NATION to protect our future generations to the end of the


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