Possessor Raising (w/ Possessors of Possessors)

Stuart Robinson Stuart.Robinson at ANU.EDU.AU
Thu Apr 2 05:13:03 UTC 1998

Hello, one and all. I have been trying to find information about how
languages with possessor raising handle multiple possessors (i.e.,
possessors of possessors (e.g., "John's mother's friend)), but I have not
been able to find many references (even though the literature on possessor
raising is immense).  What can people recommend? I'd like to get answers to
questions like the following:

1. Whether most languages with possessor raising allow the raising of
possessors of possessors?
2. What types of constraints operate on possessors of possessors vs.
possessors of head nouns?
3. Whether in an NP with multiple possessors--e.g. "John's mother's
friend"--either "John" or "mother" can raise or whether in such an NP only
the final (or ultimate) possessor can raise? If there is such an option,
what determines which possessor raises?

Thanks in advance.

Stuart Robinson

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