bingfu bingfu at USC.EDU
Thu Apr 23 14:09:24 UTC 1998

Dear Prof. David,
	thanks very much for your message!
	According to your description, it
sounds close to English 'puckery/astrigent',
doesn't it?


On Thu, 23 Apr 1998, DAVID GIL wrote:

> Having just come back from dinner, I am reminded that
> Malay / Indonesian has a basic taste term "pahit"
> which has no equivalents in any other languages I am
> familiar with.  Dictionaries usually gloss it as
> "bitter", and that's as close as any dictionary can
> reasonably be expected to get -- but it's not simply
> bitter.
> Some examples of things that are "pahit" but not
> "bitter":
>    A cup of tea that has less than an inch of sugar
>    stirred into it
>    A glass of fruit juice with less than two inches
>    of sugar
>    Many fresh vegetables
> The connotation of the term is generally negative.
> David Gil
> Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

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