NM Nadejda.Moiseeva at UNI-KONSTANZ.DE
Thu Apr 23 22:47:09 UTC 1998

Dear ALT-members,
the tastes are amazing (but the smells are strange!)
I have a few remarks and questions.
We use the expression "basic term" more or less in Berlin&Kays sense
("Basic color terms"), that is, among other things, it is supposed not
to be closely related (synchronically, of course) to the name of an
object, like "salty" in many languages. However, in some languages it is
not the case (for example, in Marshallese (Austronesian) the term for
"salty" is not related either to "salt" or "sea water").
Does anybody know the difference between the two words for "salty" in
Albanian ("kripe" and "njelme")?
To David Gil: it would be very interesting to know which sense of "rasa"
can be seen as the primary one - feel or taste?
About "pahit": does the "negative connotation" of the term mean that
native speakers normally drink sweetened tea and juices? Are there any
other words for "bitter" (in my dictionary I found only "pahit" and
"rindu dendam", which is metaphoric, I suppose), and if yes, do they
have any evaluative connotations?
Many thanks, and special thanks to Bingfu for the topic!

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