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Wolfgang Schulze W.Schulze at LRZ.UNI-MUENCHEN.DE
Thu Mar 19 08:20:58 UTC 1998

Dear ALT colleagues,

when preparing a summer term lecture on "active typology" I wondered
whether anybody had ever published a full list of those languages that
are thought to adhere to this typology (more or less completely/
canonically). Though it is clear that the relational type "active
languages" should be questioned with respect to a more general actant
typology, it still would be helpfull to me if I had in hand a list of
those languages that are interpreted as "active". So, if you know of any
such a comprehensive list, it would be great to let me know.
ELSE: If we still don't have such a list available, could you just send
me the name (together with a reference, if possible) of the "active
languages" you know? It would also be good to have a list of those
languages, that show older traces of "activity" or that are on the way
towards an active split.
In case a comprehensive list does not exist and in case I get hold of a
sufficient number of languages, I would be ready to prepare such an
overview to post it on the list.

Many thanks,
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang SCHULZE
Institut für Allgemeine und Indogermanische
Sprachwissenschaft * Universität München
Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1 * D-80539 München
Tel.: +89-2180 2486

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