non-classifier langueges without plural inflextion

Lindsay J. Whaley Lindsay.J.Whaley at DARTMOUTH.EDU
Wed Nov 4 18:14:39 UTC 1998

--- bingfu wrote:
Dear netters,
	Anybody can kindly provide me with
examples for languages that count nouns without classifiers
(use Number directly with Nouns without Classifiers) and, at the same
time, do not inflect their nouns for number?  That is, a bare noun
can be interpreted as singular or plural ('book' meaning 'a book' or
'books') and can also occur with a number directly ('three book').

Thanks in advance.

Bingfu Lu
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Some Tungusic languages (e.g. Oroqen, Orok) match the criteria of your inquiry.  They lack classifiers and do not inflect nouns for number (in most dialects of Oroqen it is POSSIBLE to use a plural suffix, though rare especially with inanimate nouns. The Western dialect of Oroqen seems NEVER to employ the plural suffix).

Lindsay Whaley
Darmouth College

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