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SKY 1998 (The Yearbook of the Linguistic Association of Finland, edited by Timo 
Haukioja, Marja-Liisa Helasvuo and Matti Miestamo, 139 pp.) is now available!

Table of Contents:

Prosody in Interactional Discourse

Shengli FENG:
Prosodically Motivated Passive bei Constructions in Classical Chinese

Functional Interpretation of Prosody within the Linguistic System

On (Sign) Language, Music, and Anti-Modularity

On the Margins: Interpreting as an Object of Linguistic Inquiry

Is the Order of Adverbs Predictable on Lexical Grounds?


Also available:

SKY 1997 (ed. by Timo Haukioja, Marja-Liisa Helasvuo and Matti Miestamo, 188 
SCOTT DELANCEY: What an Innatist Argument should look like
GEOFFREY K. PULLUM & BARBARA C. SCHOLZ: Theoretical Linguistics and the
Ontology of Linguistic Structure
ESA ITKONEN: The Social Ontology of Linguistic Meaning
URPO NIKANNE: Lexical Conceptual Structure and Syntactic Arguments
ESA PENTTILA": Holistic Meaning and Cognition
JARNO RAUKKO: The Status of Polysemy in Linguistics: From Discrete
Meanings to Default Flexibility
ANNA SOLIN: Debating Theoretical Assumptions: Readings of Critical

SKY 1996 (Ed. by Timo Haukioja, Marja-Liisa Helasvuo and Elise
Ka"rkka"inen, 176 pp.)
MARJA-LIISA HELASVUO: A Discourse Perspective on the Grammaticization of
the Partitive Case in Finnish
TUOMAS HUUMO: On the Semantic Function of Domain Instrumentals
ESA ITKONEN: Is there a 'Computational Paradigm' within Linguistics?
RITVA LAURY: Pronouns and Adverbs, Figure and Ground: The Local Case Forms
and Locative Forms of the Finnish Demonstratives in Spoken Discourse
ARJA PIIRAINEN-MARSH: Face and the Organization of Intercultural
EEVA-LEENA SEPPA"NEN: Ways of Referring to a Knowing Co-participant in
Finnish Conversation

SKY 1995 (Ed. by Tapio Hokkanen, Marja Leinonen and Susanna Shore, 208
TUOMAS HUUMO: Bound Domains: A Semantic Constraint on Existentials
TARJA RIITTA HEINONEN: Null Subjects in Finnish: from Either-Or to
LEA LAITINEN: Metonymy and the Grammaticalization of Necessity in Finnish
MERJA KOSKELA: Variation of Thematic Structure within a Text
MAIJA GRO"NHOLM: Wo"rter und Formen in Finnischen als Zweitsprache:
wachsen sie Hand in Hand?
ESA PENTTILA": Linguistic Holism with Special Reference to Donald Davidson
ESA ITKONEN: A Note on Explaning Language Change
MARTTI NYMAN: On Dialect Split and Random Change

SKY 1994 (Ed. by Susanna Shore and Maria Vilkuna, 192 pp.)
JOHN HARRIS & GEOFF LINDSEY: Segmental Decomposition and the Signal
HARRY VAN DER HULST: An Introduction to Radical CV Phonology
PIRKKO KUKKONEN: Consonant Harmony
MARKKU FILPPULA & ANNELI SARHIMAA: Cross-Linguistic Syntactic Parallels
and Contact-Induced Change
MARJA LEINONEN: Interpreting the Perfect: the Past as Explanation
MARTTI NYMAN: All You Need is What the System Needs?

The tables of contents of earlier SKY Yearbooks can be found at:

NB! Typically Typological:

SKY 1991. Ed. by M. Vilkuna & A. Anttila
A. Ahlqvist: The history of Irish in a typological perspective
A. Alhoniemi: Zur Kasuskennzeichnung des Objekts im Mordwinischen
U. Kulonen: On ergative constructions in Ostyak
S. Saarinen: Typological differences between the Volgaic languages
E. Itkonen: Two notions of universal grammar
R. Laury: On the development of the definite article se in spoken Finnish
T. Haukioja: Why doesn't iconicity help in sign language acquisition
M. Grönholm: On slips of the pen


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