verbal categories and their clusterings

Björn Wiemer Bjoern.Wiemer at UNI-KONSTANZ.DE
Tue Apr 16 16:31:30 UTC 2002

Hello to everybody,
does anybody of you know whether there is any comprehensive bibliography of
publications dealing with verbal categories and clusterings of their
morphological marking? A lot of work on TMA-categories, on the perfect, on
causatives etc. has been done, but I wonder whether there is no source
where one can find concise information (maybe annotations) of what has been
written by whom and where. Especially I am interested in the connection
between iterativity, causativy and reciprocity, which, as far as I see, has
quite recently been a focus of interest in typological research. I am also
interested in the diachronic aspects of these categories and their clusterings.
         For any hints I will be grateful. If enough pertinent information
come up, I'll send a summary to the list.

With best regards,
Bjoern Wiemer.

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