New volume on polysynthesis

Sun Apr 21 05:13:08 UTC 2002

(Apologies for cross-postings)

(Apologies for cross-postings)

New Volume on Polysynthesis.
Evans, Nicholas & Hans-Jürgen Sasse (eds.) 2002. Problems of 
Polysynthesis. Berlin:
Akademie Verlag. Pp. 280.

Although there has been a great deal of discussion on polysynthesis 
in the current
literature on morphosyntax, typology, and universal grammar, there is no volume
bringing together such a range of papers, or ranging in scope through 
problems of
lexicography, description, diachronic development, problems of 
representing argument
structure, or challenging particular claims by Baker such as the one 
that polysynthetic
languages must of necessity lack infinitives.
The current volume, edited by Nicholas Evans and Hans-Jürgen Sasse, 
grew out of a
conference held in Cologne in October 1998. It contains many papers from that
conference, plus some additional invited papers, covering 
polysynthetic languages (some
canonical, some marginal) from North America, Siberia, the Caucasus 
and Australia.
Nicholas Evans & Hans-Jürgen Sasse: Introduction: problems of polysynthesis.
Nicholas Evans:  The true status of grammatical object affixes: 
evidence from Bininj
Brett Baker:  How referential is agreement? The interpretation of 
polysynthetic dis-
agreement morphology in Ngalakgan.
Winfried Boeder: A slot-filling constraint in the Georgian verb and 
its syntactic
Michel Launey: Compound nouns vs incorporation in Classical Nahuatl.
Johanna Matissen:  Dependent-Head Synthesis in Nivkh - with an outlook on
polysynthesis in the Far Northeast.
Dagmar Jung: Clause combining in Apache
Rachel Nordlinger & Adam Saulwick:  Infinitives in polysynthesis: the case of
Hans-Jürgen Sasse: Lexicological and lexicographic problems of word families in
Werner Drossard: Ket as a polysynthetic language, with special 
reference to complex
Michael Fortescue:  The rise and fall of polysynthesis in the 
Eskimo-Aleut family.

To obtain copies, contact Akademie Verlag, Palisadenstraße 40, 
D-10423 Berlin; Fax 030
42 20 06-57. Regular cost is 69.80 Euros, with a reduced price of 
49.80 Euros for
subscribers to STUF.
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