Endangered Languages and their Literatures

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The proceedings of the Foundation for Endangered Languages' sixth conference,
in Antigua Guatemala, are now available:

"Endangered Languages and their Literatures"
ed. R McKenna Brown
(ISBN 0-9538248-4-5)

It is an 156-page volume, and the contents look like this:

R. McKenna Brown	Endangered Languages and Their Literatures	  1

1. Strategies and Resources
Joel Sherzer	Keynote Address: AILLA: Archive of the Indigenous
Languages of Latin America
Monica Ward	The Pedagogical and Linguistic Issues Involved in
Production of EL Materials: A Case Study of Nawat	         13
J.E. Lonergan	A Tarahumara-English Computational Semantic Lexicon

2. Orthographies
Michal Brody	To the Letter: A Microanalysis of Currently Contested
Graphemes in the Maya of Yucatan	         29
Pamela Innes	I Can¹t Read That Way of Writing:Linguistic and
Indigenous Systems Clash in the Apache Language Revitalization Movement

3. Proverbs, Metaphor and Poetics
Chiroke Asogwa	Re-Kindling Interest in an Endangered Language: A Way
Forward for Igbo	         47
Jule Gomez de Garcia, Melissa Axelrod, and Jordan Lachler	³If
You Play With FireŠ²: Literary Production in Jicarilla Apache
Jocelyn Ahlers	Cognitive Metaphor in Language Revitalization	 59

4. Endangered Languages Literatures and Education
Joseph Blythe   Frances Kofod	Literatures for the Semi-Literate:
Issues for Emerging Literacies in the Kimberly Region of
North-Western Australia
Norman Thomson Jepkorir Chepyator-Thomson	The Role of Educators
as Biological, Cultural, and Language Exterminators: Teaching for
Creativity, Measuring for Conformity

5. Strategies: Case Studies
Alexis Lopez	Using Storytelling in Schools to Preserve Endangered
Languages	         87
Giovanna Micarelli Hernán Gomez	On the Steps of Memory: Theater
Anthropology as an Instrument for Cultural and Linguistic
Revitalization in Indigenous Communities of the Colombian Amazon
Mary Morgan         Deepa Gurung	Languages Worth Writing:
Endangered Languages of Nepal	         99

6. Oral Literatures: Collection
V. Perez Rivera              (I. Kungiler)	La experiencia de
recopilar el conocimiento Kuna	107
David R. Margolin, Marcela Carías, Suyapa Dilworth, and Carmen
Palacios	The Symbolic Value of Oral Literature for the
Revitalization of Tawahka


7. Oral Literatures: Diffusion
Andrew E. Liebermann Jacinto de Paz Perez	The Blossoming of Our
Ancestors¹ Words: Oral Tradition Collected and Published by Mayan
Students	    119
Nadine Grimm        Laura Martin	Strategies for Promoting
Endangered Language Literatures Outside Their Local Communities	    

8. Mayan Literature
Janferie Stone	Maya Poetics: Renaissance in Continuity	133
Maria Luz Garcia	Bajo la montaña: Women¹s Stories of la
violencia	141
Christopher Hadfield	A Tissue of Lies: History versus Myth in the
Nature of Time	149

Foundation for Endangered Languages: Manifesto

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