Inventory of language typology databases

Mon Dec 9 13:08:51 UTC 2002

The EU-sponsored project "Language Typology Resource Center" started in
January 2002 and is coordinated by the Netherlands Graduate school of
Linguistics hosted at Utrecht University (see

One of its main goals is to identify and describe language typology
databases, in order to stimulate interaction within the language
typology community.  This mailing list aims at exactly the right target
group, and for that reason we would appreciate it if each of you could
briefly answer the following questions:

  1. What is your name and affiliation, and what group are you in?
  2. Do you maintain, or are you developing, a database with
     typological data?
  3. If so, can you describe in general terms what languages it covers,
     and what linguistic phenomena?
  4. Do you maintain, or are you developing, any software relating to
     typological data?

Please return this questionnaire to <mailto:ltrc at>.  We will
be in touch with you afterwards, and ask you to fill in a more detailed
form if we feel that your project fits our profile.


Martin Everaert
Anne-Marie Mineur

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