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Thu Dec 12 16:34:47 UTC 2002

Universitaet Konstanz, Fachbereich Sprachwissenschaft,
Sonderforschungsbereich 471, Konstanz, Germany

Applications are invited for two research positions:

* one postdoc (salary scale BAT IIa)
* one predoc (BAT IIa/half -- i.e., half-time)

commencing at the earliest possible date (1 Jan 2003 if possible), funding
from the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft and the Universitaet Konstanz
guaranteed to end of 2005, possibly renewable.

Research theme:

Postdoc applicants should have a background in morphological theory,
typology, and historical linguistics, with an interest in representation
and processing.  Predoc applicants should have a background in
psycholinguistics/neurolinguistics or psychology, with an interest in doing
experimental work on morphology in a collaborative linguistics/psychology
research environment.  Language specialisation is open.

Occasional teaching in the Linguistics Dept. is possible (especially for
the postdoc), but these are research rather than teaching positions.  The
predoc is expected to undertake and complete work toward her/his PhD in
linguistics or psychology.

Further particulars about the research programme upon request.

If interested send CV and possibly sample publications asap to:
Frans Plank
frans.plank at

Frans Plank
Universitaet Konstanz
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